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Augusta Dog Adoptions is known for taking in the most unwanted,  looked over dogs at the local shelter. That is how we got Bugsby. He was  at the local shelter in 2009 most of the summer. Everybody looked over him because of his age and size. Age was, who knows. As old as the  hills. He had a bark that was music to your ears. A personality to go with it. Our rescue took him in, passed him around to foster homes. As  long as Busby had a porch to lay down on, he was happy. He ended up  riding on a hay wagon for the 4th July parade and became known as the  Augusta Dog Rescues Mascot.

Busby lived a happy life in the time he  was with us. If a dog could tell a story he seemed like he would have  a good one. Sadley to say we lost are beloved boy to cancer on 1/8/11.

The group had the honor to have him just for a short time but his memories will last a life time.

May your bark be heard in the West VA hills as music.
A Tribute to Bugsy
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Sammy came to us with her nine, one day old puppies back in the summer of 2008. Sammy was a great mom to her pups and won the heart of her foster mom Sally. After 8 of her puppies found new homes, Sammy and her little runt puppy Buttons stayed behind. Buttons passed away in December of that year from a birth defect in which Sally tried everything to correct even taking him to a specialist. Sammy stayed with Sally for the next two years going to "visit " several homes always to be returned. Until she finally found her forever home in the summer of 2010. Her new family adored her and found her quirkiness endearing. Sadly Sammy was diagnosed with Lymphoma in October, her family vowed to care for her and make her life enjoyable until she was ready to give up. Sammy lost her battle with the cancer on January 25th 2011. We would like to think she found little Buttons and they can forever chase those squirrels through the fields in Heaven. Our greatest appreciation and sympathy go out to Sammy's family who made her life wonderful to the very end.
A Tribute to Sammy
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