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Drivers License #
State Issued (Drivers License)
Note: all applicants must be 18 years of age or older
Daytime Phone Number:
Evening Phone Number:
Preferred time to call:
Email Address:
Place of Employment
What type of home do you live in?
If other, please explain:
Do you own or rent?
If you rent, we will need to contact your landlord of management company.
Please provide Landlord Info: Name:   Phone:
How many adults live in your household?
How many children?
How old are the children?
Does everyone in your household support your participation in the foster program?
Is anyone in your household allergic to, or afraid of dogs?
If yes, please explain:
Please describe the area of your household where the foster animal(s) would be kept.
Do you have a fenced yard?
If so, what type of fence?
How long would the animal(s) be left alone each day?
Would you be able to transport the animal(s) to a veterinarian and adoption events?
Do you currently have pets in your household?
If yes, please list the species (dog, cat, etc.) and ages: Pet 1 info:
                   (Species and Age)

Pet 2 info:
                   (Species and Age)

Pet 3 info:
                   (Species and Age)

Pet 4 info:
                   (Species and Age)

Who is your regular veterinarian?
What is your vet's phone number?
Are all pets up to date on vaccinations?
Are all pets spayed and neutered?
If no to either of those questions, please explain:
If you have ever had a pet die at an early age or due to an accident, please explain:
Do you have an area where foster animals could be isolated from your own animals, if necessary?
Please briefly explain why you would like to foster dogs for Augusta Dog Adoptions:
When would you be able to start fostering?
Are there any restrictions on how long you can foster?
Are you currently fostering for another organization?
If yes, which organization?
Please indicate which types of dogs you would be willing to foster:
(check all that apply)
Nursing mothers with puppies


Adult Dogs

Elderly Dogs

Dogs with illnesses which may require medication and/or quarantine

Dogs that need socialization

Other: Explain:

Please tell us about any present or previous volunteer experience:
Do you have any experience with animal care that might be useful for your work as a foster volunteer?
In your opinion, what physical symptoms and/or behaviors would warrant immediate medical attention?
Would you be willing to adopt your foster animal if no permanent home can be found?
Are you willing and to take the foster animal to vet appointments made by ADA?
Are you willing and able to administer medications should the animal require them?
If your foster animal was ill or injured, and the veterinarian and ADA concluded that it needed to be put to sleep, would you be supportive of our decision?
Are you prepared to provide your own dog food?
Please list two references (mandatory for consideration - do not list anyone related to you) 1. Name:

2. Name:


1. I wish to volunteer and provide a foster home for Augusta Dog Adoptions
2. I fully understand that whenever my volunteer work involves contact of any kind with animals, there is a risk that I may be scratched, bitten, or may come into contact with a diseased animal, and I accept this risk and will not hold Augusta Dog Adoptions or any of its representatives responsible in any way for any injury or illness that I or other members of my family/household may incur.
3. In consideration for the opportunity to perform volunteer work with Augusta Dog Adoptions, I agree to fully release Augusta Dog Adoptions and its officers, volunteers, or agents, from any and all liability for any damage or injury, whether arising from this contact or a breach thereof or from any act of negligence or gross negligence by Augusta Dog Adoptions, its officers, volunteers or agents.
4. I understand that all Augusta Dog Adoptions information given to me and all information that I will be privy to in the course of my volunteer work is of a confidential nature, and I agree that I will not disclose such information to any individual or group.
5. I understand that it is my responsibility to acknowledge and respect all rules, regulations, practices, procedures, and policies of Augusta Dog Adoptions.
6. I have read this agreement and I fully understand and agree to abide by its terms.
7. I acknowledge that the above information is correct to the best of my knowledge and that I am 18 years or older.

Submitting this application will serve as your signature in acknowledgement this agreement.



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